Sunday, July 29, 2012

Minted white party!

Second annual Minted white party in Calistoga.

Most of us took the party bus from the office to Calistoga. Here we are walking off the bus, up to the house. 

Me with Melissa, my wbff.

Mariam hired a magician, who was surprisingly talented.  He had one of my engineers hold an object, and his girlfriend put her hands around his, and then he morphed the object inside their hands.

The magician came around to each table but skipped Melissa's.  I couldn't stop telling her how great he was, making her very jealous.  Then I got to use a line that my brother morphed from the jelly meme: "Be jelly donut!"

Snack table, overlooking trees.

It was nice to meet my coworkers' significant others.  At one point, our executive admin came off the dance floor to pull in her fiance.

"I thought I'd be able to hide, since it's dark," he said.

"You're all in white!" she said.


Our print-quality specialist Joe told me, "My birthday used to be my favorite day of the year.  But now it's the Minted white party."  I saw him dancing avidly on the makeshift dancefloor, then suddenly sitting quietly by the smores fire pit.

"Why aren't you dancing?" I said.

"I want to make sure to enjoy every part of the party fully," he said.

Our executive admin bought the white curtains for party decor!

On the bus back, my coworkers sitting in the back of the bus sang songs for the entire ride.  They sang the song "One, you're like a dream come true, Two...  Four: repeat steps one through three.  Five -- "

"How do you ever get to step five?" someone asked.

"Step four is to repeat steps one through three, and then you're on step five."

Also, Joe did an imitation of a pro wrestler with a Minted twist.  "Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!  This baby shower comes with skinny wraps!"  

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