Friday, July 20, 2012


I had started to feel that friendship is mostly determined by spending a lot of time together. Proximity and unexpected encounters and shared interests.

But then Sha-mayn came to visit this Monday through Thursday, and it reminded me how you could be on opposite sides of the coast, and only see each other a couple weeks per year for the past six years, and you could still feel extremely close to the friend.

Me to Sha-mayn yesterday: "You are so in-demand. Every time we're in the Google cafe and need to walk 100 feet, it takes forty minutes because everyone wants to say hi to you. And every time it's your birthday, Facebook has an outage due to all the people writing on your wall. But you're my Google BFF. That's pretty awesome."

Bachelorette night.

On the topic of people living far away, I miss my brother. I have a dream that one day he'll move back to the Bay Area, and also my parents will come live with me after my dad retires.

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