Friday, April 27, 2012

Funny Shirt Contest at work

I hosted Funny Shirt Day at Minted. There were 22 entries! We each did a little walk to show off our shirt.

This shirt says using keyboard keys: "I AM [ALT] OF [CTRL]"


shailu said...

In the 3rd pic, there's a hudson dashboard in the background :-)

Yishan said...

This explains your shirt on Thursday!

I kept looking at it when we were talking, and then after you left I was suddenly worried that you might've thought I was looking at your chest! :-(

Niniane said...

OMG. I did not notice you looking at the shirt at all. So I guess that means you are very practiced at looking at women's chests without them noticing.

Anyway I was very aware and proud of my shirt, so I would've assumed that anyone looking at me that day was examining and appreciating my excellent choice of shirt.