Tuesday, April 10, 2012

chair sentimental attachment

Many people have told me that this chair is the most out-of-place piece of furniture I own.  When my brother was living as my roommate, he polled all of his guests, and half of them said that this chair was the single worst item in the house.

I put up an ad on craigslist, and someone wants to come buy it tomorrow.

Suddenly I am overwhelmed with emotional attachment to this chair!  I've had so many good memories of sitting in this chair!  I don't want to sell the chair!!!

But even I can see that the chair is in fact out of place.  



ArC said...

Why not just re-upholster it, if the only problem is unity of decor?

Wanda said...

ArC, it might not be unity of color but unity of style, which re-upholstering won't fix.

It's just a chair. You will sit on my chairs in your life. If you sell, someone will be very happy to own what looks like a clean and well-maintained chair, and you will pass on your happy memories.

kevinw said...

Nah, I would say the tiled countertop is worse.

If it is sentimental to you, put a cover, throw, or pillow on it. Home is how comfortable you feel in it, not how great it looks. =)

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem. Objects that are fuzzy, clean, well cared for, and were in your inner sanctum, that speak speak of comfort and nesting tenderness are REALLY difficult to throw out.

A swivel chair from college.
A tatter torn favorite shirt.
Comforters and pillows are the worst.

But what do you do? Do you keep everything and become a hoarder?
Or do you suffer the little invisible and irrational heartache which I imagine is a little like giving a child away?

I'm horrible when it comes to this too!
What do you do???