Friday, April 13, 2012

of peaks and chairs

Today I sold the chair and ottoman. It tugged at my heartstrings when the woman carried it out of my place! But she said her husband will love it, and that she will give it a good home and will treat it with love and care. So I felt good about that.

Also I'm going to climb Half Dome in mid-August with a bunch of cool people! Yosemite only gives out a few hundred climbing permits per day, chosen by lottery. A dozen of us entered the Yosemite lottery to maximize our chances, and five people got permits. Each permit allows guests, so we will all be able to go.

Next Sunday, I'm going to climb Mount Diablo! I hope it's not going to be like the time I climbed a Seattle peak with five Chinese women who were gym cardio addicts. Halfway through, I could not keep up and offered to go at my own pace, to stop holding them back. But they refused! They insisted on going at my slow pace the whole time. It is sweet, but was also a lot of pressure.

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