Thursday, October 13, 2011


I signed up to take a class called "One Great Cake".

In my imagination, the perfect cake looks like this:

Anyway, I was telling an acquaintance that if the cake looks too amazing, people won't believe that I really made it.

"I'll have to put some kind of special item in the center of the cake," I said, "You would only find it after cutting into the cake. A pistachio or even a little metal bolt.  Only the cake maker would know what's at the middle of the cake, so I can prove that I made it."

He said, "Or you can just take photos of yourself making it."


Yishan said...

Please do not place any metal bolts inside cakes that you serve to me.

pawliger said...

Maybe you should make a Queen Cake. c.f. You will need to decide the appropriate privileges and obligations the finder will have.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I've become overly cynical, but is including a special item inside a cake really going to convince a skeptic?

I mean, I'd imagine most people will take you at your word: if you tell them you made the cake, then they'll believe you. But if, given all other information, a person still doubts you made the cake, wouldn't they be able to explain away your knowledge of the special item with the theory that the actual cake maker told you what the special item is?