Sunday, August 07, 2011

The toughest part is done, right?

Altitude is tough, but I am really happy with how I did in my 1.5 mile run!  I did 17:45.  Really delighted to be middle of the pack (the two triathletes led the group, and then I was 4th out of the six people).

Other people casually decided to do this course, and did no extra exercise.  I am the only obsessive one who has been especially training for months for this day.

Then they fed us sandwiches.  I went into super hoarding mode and ate more than anyone else.

Now we are doing gear check and will embark soon.


Jack-o-Lantern said...

Hoarding sandwiches only?
When I did something similar... oh well, my friends never saw me drinking so much water in my entire life :)

Anonymous said...

What kind of sandwich was it? A hero?

Your Lover said...

Very interesting. I'd like to sign up for the same program if you give it a good review. What is the link?

Sujoy Kumar Chowdhury said...

I thought you won't have any internet connectivity while doing this.

Mark said...

Are you going to keep running?