Saturday, August 20, 2011

Survival school journal: Wednesday night

From my journal:
OMG they suddenly sprang solo on us! I am on solo right now. It is past sunset and I can't see what I'm writing.

I scouted and found a place to make my bed. Then I did some "project management" to decide a realistic scope of project. I put my poncho in the lowest tree boughs of a big pine tree to provide wind cover. Then I gathered duff [pine needles] and made a bed. I unpacked, made oats with powdered milk and cane sugar (actually very tasty if you use enough sugar). Just as the sun set, I finished everything, changed into my wool long johns, hung up my food bucket from a tall tree branch, and am now eating oats and writing in the dark.

The canyon is gorgeous. I know my classmates are within shouting distance, which is a great comfort.

I feel very comfortable in "my land" (my solo area as bounded by rock cairns that Steve the chief guide set down). I totally thought of "surveying my land".

Stars are starting to come out.

I don't know why everyone doesn't want to do this course. This is so awesome! I am halfway through and already have gained so much.

When I first started solo, there was a moment when dark fearful thoughts started to encroach. I exerted concentration to keep focused on the task at hand: making the bed, purifying water. Now I am super happy! I need to practice this skill more often.

Time to brush teeth and sleep. Tomorrow I need to wash self and clothes, try to finish my fire drill set and make a fire, and get more water from the spring.

Lillers was so nice to call to wish me a good trip. Lots of people emailed too to say good luck. Love them all!

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