Wednesday, August 03, 2011

T minus 4!

Survival school in 4 days. I started drinking more water, and cutting out sugar & alcohol. I have my gear except a wool sweater.

I am most excited about:
1. learning to start a fire
2. new perspectives and epiphanies
3. surviving solo
4. the ceremony at the end
5. my first meal afterwards
6. calling Nikhil afterwards, and talking to him about his experience vs my experience on the course

I am most nervous about:
1. the impact phase: hiking on the first day with no food, while adjusting to altitude and heat
2. solo
3. contracting a stomach virus or ticks or other disease
4. being the slowest one in the group


Jeremy said...

Don't worry about what hasn't happened yet. Concentrate on doing your best and having fun.

Andrew M said...

Good luck! Starting a fire with just matches is pretty hard.

Niniane said...

We won't have matches. We're using a bow drill.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm sure you'll do fine, and have lots of interesting stories to tell when you get back. Bow drills are not hard, but there is definitely a bit of technique (and some shortcuts, which you will either figure out on your own, or pick up from your instructors). I bet your bowing arm will feel like it wants to fall off, the first couple of times you try it, heh...

Good luck! :-)