Monday, February 01, 2010

this brought back memories

I'm sick -- coughing a lot, and low-energy. I cancelled some meetings, in order to stay home and rest.

One of the old Lively users IM'ed me in the afternoon. He told me that long ago, he captured the Lively client in a virtual machine, and cached enough content that he can run the client even without the Google servers. He used video-conferencing to show me the client running in his virtual machine. I was pretty amazed that he managed to do this.

He used his client to show me a few of the rooms he built. One was a nightclub, with transparent floor tiles and a spinning disco ball. Another was the coffeehouse room, with a fireplace constructed from tables, and a shimmery blue stained-glass wall.

The last room was an Eiffel tower he made by stacking cabinets. At the very top was a hang-out area. When he panned his camera up there and sat his avatar down to watch television, it felt momentarily as though I were really sitting on couches 100 feet in the air. I experienced a moment of "shock and awe".

I commended him on his rooms. He said, "Thank you for making Lively."

It was nice.


kg said...

That is really amazing! Your baby lives on...

David said...

Are you ever tempted to revive Lively outside of Google?

writer said...

Yeah, Niniane. This doesn't have to be the end, you know. :-)