Tuesday, February 02, 2010

"last meal"

Last month, my parents were telling me about a relative's girlfriend.

Mom: "He was recovering from a serious illness, and she came over to take care of him. However, they got in a huge argument over wedding plans, and she stormed off, leaving him in the house without any food."

Me: "Oh wow, while he's sick?"

Mom: "If I were her, I would've cooked before leaving. Let's say I decided to divorce your dad. If he needed it, I'd still cook him dinner before walking out."

Dad: [surprised] "Wait, what?"

Me: [laughing]

Dad: [recovering] "几个菜呀?" ("How many courses?")

1 comment:

Justin K said...

Now I can see why you blog. You have so many interesting people around you!

Hope you're feeling better today.