Thursday, February 18, 2010

a few costume photos

Five of us took the BART to Walnut Creek to watch our friend CM perform in a musical ("Patience" by Gilbert and Sullivan).

A beautiful outfit from the musical.

Me with CM. He grew out his moustache and sideburns for the role.

We had to go around town with CM for the entire two months of play rehearsals, while he was sporting this ridiculous facial hair. Here he is with our friend "Lavender", at AsiaSF on a normal Friday night.

Me with a blue drink at AsiaSF. It is my favorite San Francisco establishment.


Anonymous said...


bloop bloop.

Niniane said...

Ha ha, that's so cute!

Also, I feel like this must be from Melinda. I'm probably mistaken.

potenta said...

hahaha...the guy with the hat's so funny :)