Friday, January 08, 2010

a few conversations that made me laugh

Talking in a group of engineers:

"I want a phone number that I can call and get the current time. A bunch of them went out of business in the last year."

"If it's the middle of the night, you can call any number and get that."

(Blippy is a startup that shows your friends what you bought, e.g. "twitter for purchases". Square is a startup for charging credit cards using an iPhone plus a hardware device. If you're not in the Silicon Valley startup-focused mindset, the following may not amuse you.)

niniane: i signed up for blippy
percyvale: i don't plan to
percyvale: this way people won't see how many hookers i order via sqaure
percyvale: or maybe they could tell me i'm being ripped off
percyvale: it's a fine line between price optimization for hookers and privacy

At dinner over tapas, with Lillers, CM, and Omst.

Me: "Lillers, come to this party with us."

Lillers: "It's going to be all Googlers and ex-Googlers. I won't fit in."

CM: "You are more awesome than 99% of Googlers."

Lillers: "Aw."

CM: "99.9%, now that Niniane has left."

Omst: "And I'm the other 0.1%."

... Many minutes later, walking to the party without Lillers ...

Me: "Omst, you can't be 0.1%, because there are more than 1000 Googlers."

Omst: [laughing] "Yes. I know."


John said...

1. I think most cell phones today tell the time as well - so no need to call a phone number.

2. I'm pretty sure all hookers take cash only.

3. That's an extremely geeky - LOL.

Chinmay Kulkarni said...

Niniane, you can't be 0.9% too, you know :)

Ed Falk said...

Wait -- you left Google? When did that happen?

Niniane said...

I left a year ago :)

Dayvie said...

I have found that those who joke about hookers generally have used them. :-)