Tuesday, January 12, 2010

couch <3

My friend Nehster is shopping for a new couch, and stumbled upon the overstock.com couch which I just purchased last month. (This is the same couch that I asked blog readers about last year.)

I sent her a photo of it in my house:

Over instant messenger:

niniane: i <3 it so much
niniane: not as much as i <3 you for sending me that article this morning
niniane: but quite a lot
niniane: if it ever came down to saving you in a fire vs saving the couch, i'd still choose to save you

nehster: thank you
nehster: especially since i do not think there's any way you could carry the couch
nehster: so you would perish with it

niniane: i could save the ottoman


Anonymous said...

I guess you ignored the comments about contrasting wall color.

Niniane said...

Haha, I guess I did. I like how the couch looks in the room though.

musty frustum said...

Looks to be a set of giant, upholstered tetris pieces. Quite versatile though, I'm sure.