Thursday, November 05, 2009

Halloween photos

On Halloween, after attending a wedding, I went to a pub crawl for an hour. It was in the Mission district of San Francisco.

I saw this couple across the room. He's wearing a penguin hat. She's wearing an insect hat. I walked across the pub to ask if their costume is "linux bug". They confirmed that it is.

This girl came as Mike Tyson. We all agreed this was a well-executed costume.

This guy had 16 remote controls strapped to him. His costume is "control freak".

Omar as a box of wine. He wore a five-pound bag inside the box, and hooked it up to a spigot. You could actualy serve yourself wine from his costume. The pub wasn't too thrilled about him doing this.

C3 and I also visited my friend Kevin Fox's haunted house in Sunnyvale. It was stunning.

Mad scientist room. There is a robotic laughing-scientist, as well as a live actor. Guess which one is which.

The "biohazard" hallway, with a live actor halfway down.

Pirate room. There was appropriate pirate music.

Spider lair.

I was awed that Kevin, his wife Rachel, and their neighbors were able to construct a professional-quality haunted house in their spare time. In this world of commercialism, it's inspiring to see people create art just for the enjoyment of making it.

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Anonymous said...

That's the sexiest Mike Tyson I've ever seen.