Thursday, November 26, 2009

agreement on thankfulness

Talking to my dad over breakfast.

Me: 爸,你感谢什么? [Dad, what are you thankful for?]

Dad: 什么感谢?对谁感谢? 感谢神? [What? Thankful to whom? God?]

Me: 今天美国过感恩节。 有个传统是讨论一下你感谢什么。 [It's Thanksgiving in the US today. A normal tradition is to discuss what you're thankful for.]

Dad: 我感谢苏明给我生了一个女儿和一个儿子。 否则一辈子光倒霉了。 这件事太重要了。 [I'm thankful to your mom for giving me a daughter and a son. Otherwise my life would just be full of unlucky events. This item was extremely important.]

Me: 哦,对我也很重要。 [It was very important to me too.]


Anonymous said...

I'm a Linux Hater's reader and that's how I found your site. Ignore that.

Thank you for your flight sim work. Have you ever considered porting your work to X-Plane?

Joanna said...

Your dad's Chinese sounds so good!

A combination of seriousness and jest!

Dan said...

I know Ninian's Chinese is good. At least her spoken Chinese is great!

Your dad is funny. =)