Saturday, March 15, 2008

let there be light, and towels

In the latest wave of domesticity, I gave up my San Francisco crash pad.

Instead I'm buying new linens and towels for my Mountain View townhouse. It's bringing me incredible joy. I think I shall write a poem called "Ode to Two Thyme-Colored Towels".

The only thing stopping me is the knowledge that it can't measure up to my previous poem.

Tonight I found this beautiful light fixture for my master-bedroom ceiling:

It comes with this disclaimer.

Attention California residents: This product contains lead, a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Why are the cancerous effects of lead only known to the state of California? Does our state government exercise more caution about our health? Or are residents of California are more likely to lick the light fixture, ingesting the lead chemicals?

Comments from other buyers say the stained glass dampens the light, dimming the room. That could be depressing. Perhaps I will use higher-wattage bulbs than the recommendation.

Maybe that is the type of state-of-California thinking that leads to electrical fires and lead poisoning.


Anonymous said...

April is national poetry month. If you write an ode, hang on to it for a couple of weeks. Then, you can publish it when it is super-topical.

mahlen said...

I can't speak to my fellow Californians' propensity for lamp licking, but the reason for the warning is Proposition 65. Basically, if a product contains toxic chemicals, the state requires that residents are informed of this fact. The law doesn't particularly care if the intended use of the product would cause exposure to the toxin, just if toxins are present.

You also see signs bearing these warnings on the entrances to some places of business (especially paint stores).


John K. Lin said...

Wow, you truly are becoming domesticated! Next thing we know, you'll be watching Martha Stewart and blogging about her :-)

In general, California is ahead of the curve on a lot of things - the environment/conservation, technology, social trends (anti-war/Vietnam/Iraq, free speech, gay rights, etc...) But I wouldn't doubt that California are more likely to "lick" things.

ArC said...

I was about to quibble that 'thyme' seemed more like 'sage' to me, and then I saw that 'sage' was right next to it. (not that either is close to the colour of the real herb... at least, not the fresh herbs. I just realized they're actually not that far from the look of the _dried_ herb.)

But as long as I'm quibbling, 'cinnamon' just seems completely off.

Christopher said...

How do you shop for linens and towels without going crazy? I'm in dire need of more linens, but every time I go into Bed Bath & Beyond a mental timer-to-meltdown starts ticking, and it runs out before I find anything suitable. Ugh! Can one buy such things online with a reasonable chance of success? Have you found a non-crazy-making source of home stuff in the Mountain View area?

Niniane said...


I use The ratings and reviews are useful. You can also avoid the overhead of driving to the store, parking, and interacting with humans.

Further, is available at midnight if your shopping desire strikes then.

Anonymous said...

The reason for the warning (and all the others) is the American propensity to protect children till they hit 18, at which point they can become cannon fodder for the next war for no reason, against people most have never met and have no problem with whatever.