Wednesday, March 19, 2008

nostalgic Romulan story from growing up

My parents are in town. Last night we had dinner with my brother and some of my friends.

Tom told a story. When he was three and I was ten, we put on little plays for ourselves. Because there were only two of us, we each acted multiple roles. Tom was very cute as a toddler as tall as my knee.

One day, the theme was Star Trek. On the make-belief bridge of our starship:

Me: "Lieutenant."

Tom: [saluting]

Me: "We have a Romulan spy onboard. Go and scan decks 1 through 10 for the intruder."

Tom: [mimes shooting me with a phaser]

Me: "Did you just shoot me?"

Tom: [giggling] "Yeah."

Me: "No, the game is -- Why did you do that?"

Tom: [collapsing on the couch in giggles] "I'm the Romulan spy."

After I recovered from shock, I did a suitable death scene.


Anonymous said...

D**n, Tom could say/do that at 3? My 4.5 year old is so dull in comparison.

Life is not fair, count your blessings :)

Pan Far said...

Thanks for the story. Such a clever double-crosser! You made me nostalgic, as well. My three brothers and I played "ship" it seems just about every night (Ahh, life before cable and the internet). Every time a girl wanted to play along, we told her she had to be the nurse (Ahh, the sexism we so casually mimicked). Of course, each one of us boys was so anxious to get injured and put in the "sick bay" : ) (Ahh, memories!)

Anonymous said...

what a prodigy! cool story!

John K. Lin said...

Wow, what a geeky childhood you and your brother had :-)

BTW - I recently saw on - they have all 3 seasons of the original Star Trek online now available for streaming:

I guess that makes me a geek too...

ArC said...


Anonymous said...

that's sweet

Natalia said...

Very cute story.

Anonymous said...

Somehow I don't quite understand this.
Like, what do you mean by romulan?
Understand me!
There will be a better blog!

Anonymous said...

That's very clever for 3 years kid. He should be a commedian. LOL...