Wednesday, August 22, 2007

he also thinks the iPhone is too skinny

I spent most of the past week in Seattle. On Monday, at dinner with a dozen friends from my Microsoft days:

Evan: "Having an iPhone is like dating a supermodel. It's sexy, beautiful. When you bring it out, your friends are impressed. But it's kind of dumb, can't do anything very well. It has expensive tastes. If you gave it to your friend, they would give it back to you after a week."

Andy: [chuckling]

Me: [to Andy] "You're nodding like you've heard Evan use this analogy before."

Andy: "Usually it's the other way around. Evan finds that dating supermodels is like having an iPhone."


Min Liu said...

++ excellence

Simon said...

Just a quick hi. Found your blog via Im not weird, or a stalker or anything, just VERY bored at work and looking for lots of things to read! You also use the same blog provider as me, which is nice. Have a nice day.

zb42 said...


The reason Iphones and models are too skinny is that Iphones are picky downloaders and models are picky eaters.

Actually, I hate it that models don't eat. It's weird go to a really nice restaurant, the guy orders the whole menu and the girl orders "A side salad. no dressing. with mineral water. oh, and a slice of lemon. wait, wait. I'll try something different this time. make it a slice of lime."

"Go ahead babe. take a ride on the wild side."

later that evening...

"Do limes have more calories than lemons? Did that lime I had tonight make my ass look fat?"

There's only one answer to both questions.

that's why I love my wife. our first date she ordered more food than me.

good thing she has a high metabolism.

Philipp Lenssen said...

One thing to dislike about those gadgets, everytime you take them out to nod something down it looks like you're showing off.

Step said...

Thanks, this helped me feel better about not being able to easily get out of my current contract. ;)

note: just noticed a typo in your sidebar. It says author"s note (using " instead of ' ).

Anonymous said...

off topic, but neat marriage proposal:

Niniane said...

That marriage proposal video is really sweet. :)

Niniane said...

re: Simon. Welcome to my blog. :)

Anonymous said...

"good thing she has a high metabolism."

right. Otherwise she might get *shriek* fat!

do you think women who eat lettuce and lime slices do it because they dislike cheesecake, chocolate bars, and curry? I'd bet it has more to do with feeling the need to look like luckily they have a high metabolism.

(I'm not ALWAYS humorless. Really.)

nisa said...

Hi, it's not about food sometimes. Can you imagine if you just don't add weight easily. Yes it's annoying to hear, but I don't know how else to say it. Perhaps the stomach digestive system etc. On the "dumb" thing, perhaps she just doesn't find interesting things to share? I don't know.

There's actually a lot going on before you can judge a person. Of course being dangerously slim is unhealthy, but the point is fitness isn't it? :T

I used to say people can be too skinny too, but then learn there's
more to it. It's like the time during my driving test I thought "how the heck she failed the test not 50 metres going!!!! Ha ha ha". & then the same happen to me. Now I'm afraid to judge people easily since God humbles me too much. :D

There could be things going you just don't know. Plus just because one is not "too skinny" or "genius smart" doesn't mean one will always stay that way forever. You could fall ill, have dementia la la la.

Many things can happen man. If we open our mind to the possibilities life can throw - dear God. :)

Grateful to be blessed. Amen.

nisa said...

Anyway there's loads of gorgeous smart ladies here in my country. I met at least 3 gorgeous doctors in the ward - wow. I thought computer people are fun hip, then meeting the gorgeous doctors... WOW. & they're very soft, gentle - no "I'm so genius" thing going. & they save lives!

Intelligence, beauty & people skill - what a potent combination. Of course I notice not because if that but the realisation that the medical profession has more gorgeous, smart, nice, life-saving people is eye opening.

I wish I took medicine now. Computers can be cold heart robotic - working with a screen, working with a human. Feeling genius just because you solve an algorithm now seem weird. Life-saving, now that is something.

Anyway someone like Niniane is many here, This is Asia. So if you can't win her, don't be sad! You can meet others gorgeous, gentle, intelligent girls. They even surgeon well, I personally feel more comfortable with a female surgeon since I have the notion that women tend to go on detailing, refine & take less risk? Plus her fingers are finer, takes less space in your body.

Maybe you can just go to your nearest hospital & meet a doctor. Marrying a doctor would be fantastic.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 8/23/2007 9:48 AM

The dude is a wedding proposal NINJA:

Fav comments from his blog:

I tuba fuel = Beautiful
My early muir owl = Will you marry me
Serge Gandaora = George and Sara (or Sara and George)

"Bastard! Ruining for all of us. If my gf sees this, she would except no less."

"In USA do you need all this ridicolous stuff to get a girl to marry you?"

"Sara, you silly girl!! How can you fall for a cheap trick like this?
Any man can come up with this abstract whatyoumightcallit art, spent weeks visualising it on the computer, get hold of a whole bunch of white foams and then used the laser cutting thingamyjig (that we all have lying about in our house….naturally) to cut out the letters and burning the fingers along the way, befriend a galary owner to give you a space for a week or so, install the 'art work' over 4 days (and record it using time-lapse photography to show that you actually did the work), find someone to pretend to be the artist, write up a fake blurb about the exhibition, go and buy the all important ring (…pause for a sharp in-take of breadth) and then invite your friends along on the day itself, have the 'artist' rambles on about some gibberish talk on his supposed piece of art, make sure someone's there to capture the moment when you drop down on one knee once you positioned your girfriend at a place which reveals the words 'Will You Marry Me' and hope that she says Yes?

What's the big deal??"

I love women said...


You must be high..

Women are not now are have ever been better doctors...

Nursing women are losing ground to men because they are better technicians.

There are always exceptions to the rule..

In general women excel in academics but in the real world they have no interest in high level technical jobs.

Not that they cannot do it.. Most top girls in the engineering department gravitate to 2 areas after they get a real taste of concept designs.

They either get married or move to the marketing department.

In the medical field. Pic who you want to open your chest.. but I would rather have a cold technical old guy who has studied his shit day in and day out to a woman who makes me feel good while she has taken months off to mother children let alone all the social good feeling time that women need to take for themselves to feel up to the task of working.

Every day that a woman takes off work for her peroid or to have children. That is one more day that a man will gain on experience.

That doesn't matter if you flip burgers... But at the very top level in sugery or engineering you will never keep up.

Also women prefer marketing where there are no definate answers. Because they hate to be proven wrong when you show them
1+1 always = 2 it could not possibly = 11 as the marketing department may conclude.

I love women and they do many things that I could never do.. But I know better than to compete in their domain. I would be slaughtered.

I do however take time off for a pedicure now and then...

Pleenky said...

I have a very basic Nokia handset. It was the cheapest one in the Cingular store. So my phone is kind of like marrying (a 2 year contract is longer than many marriages) a homely woman who is loyal and loving and a pretty good cook. You have some kids, she decides to stay home with them, while you work a job that allows the family to barely scrape by, but you still try to go on family outings to the local swimming pool as often as possible and teach the kids that character is more important than the clothes you wear to school, yet it still hurts you a bit to know that the kids feel self-conscious about wearing second-hand clothes. That's what my phone is like.

Burcu said...

yep it's too skinny but in a good way to me.