Friday, May 18, 2007

movie pics and muscle pics

Last month Elaine invited me to the movie "The Heavenly Kings". It was the opening movie of the San Francisco International Film Festival.

The movie was a mock-umentary about a boy band. The four primary actors pretended for 18 months to be in a boy band -- concerts, press interviews, fans, tabloid rumors, the works. They performed to 40,000 fans in Taiwan. Then they revealed it's all a big fake in order to shoot a movie, disbanded their band, and rolled the film into theatres.

Elaine with some Google recruiters we encountered in the lobby.

Afterwards we went to the cast after-party. I thought it would surely be filled with hot Hong Kong actors. Alas.

The Caltech / MIT Alumni mixer in San Francisco last week had a higher number of cute Asian guys.

But Christina and I did get to take a photo with Daniel Wu, Hong Kong actor / director. Trent tells me this would generate envy from many a 14-year-old Chinese girl.


Last weekend, I went to cheer on Megan (my personal trainer) for her bodybuilding contest. It was held in the auditorium of a small college.

First, the men competed. Each man came out and did poses to a one-minute soundtrack of their choosing.

"This is Why I'm Hot" by Mims was a popular choice.

Here are the winners of the teen category posing.

I know that the human arm has a bicep and a tricep. I did not know there are actually fifteen other muscles between and around them, all of which can be shown in sinewy detail under fake tanner.

This was the only guy whose body did not give me the "That ain't right" reaction. In fact, he was quite attractive. I think it was because he smiled the entire time he did poses. Also, he's Asian. Represent!

Mr. Olympia came out and posed, to wild audience applause. He gave a speech about how he spent 12 years training for the title, and how he dedicated his life to bodybuilding but he proved he can be best in the world. It sounded inspiring, but instead I felt a little horrified.

Finally, after three hours of waiting, Megan came out. I did my wild cheering.

By this time, the program was so delayed that the organizers made the women come out in a line and do their poses simultaneously.

The height category after Megan's.

Quarter turn for the judges.

Another quarter turn.

A close-up of Mr. Olympia. He seems happy. To each their own.


ArC said...

That's a pretty awesome execution of a mockumentary.

As for bodybuilding -- did Megan do that semi-dangerous dehydration thing bodybuilders do (used to do?) to further enhance definition?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Olympia's biceps are bigger than his head. Very bizarre looking.

Onychophora said...

I wonder if he takes a colonic with his gin and tonic? To lose the colon stolon and keep the good times roll'in...

To bed, already.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, I think you mean something like "his upper arms are bigger than his head?" The bicep muscles alone are nothing close to the man's head size. Top third/half of his head, maybe.

Anyhoo, he's still a statistical anomaly in my book. I'm pretty sure my calves are far smaller than that dude's forearms.

Also, Niniane, since this is the first time I've left a comment, I want to say I think you're an interesting person and you have an entertaining way of writing about your life. Which is just to say, I don't get the negative comments you get on here sometimes. Keep it up; I'll happily keep reading.