Monday, May 28, 2007

May photos

Last night's carnival-themed party:

The front yard had a muscleman contraption where you try to ring the bell by hitting the target with a huge mallet. I could only get up to "Hi, Kid". Not even "Good Girl" level.

I don't know why I bother going to the gym.

The back yard was set up with games. Me with Yael.

There is a quarter balanced on the far yellow ball, and you're supposed to hit it so that the quarter falls outside the white felt circle. No one could do it all night, so they reduced the game to just hitting the yellow ball with the white cue ball.

Fortune teller room, inside the house. After the real fortune teller left, I read a couple coworkers' palms.


An "angels and demons" themed party two weeks ago at an SF lounge:

This woman made devil horns out of her hair. Awesome.

Two angels and a devil.

This woman was hired to pose wearing only body paint. The guy is painting a blue sky picture with clouds and birds onto her. I asked if I could paint her for a while. He said no, pulling his paintbrush away. They spent most of the party painting and being painted, with occasional breaks to pose for photos.

Another girl wearing only body paint. She spent the evening dancing and working the crowd.

Lesson: The demon-themed girl has to work a lot harder than the angel-themed girl.

Line of champagne glasses, to toast the birthday boy.

I invited Sha-mayn, but didn't give her enough advance notice to prepare for the theme. Fortunately she is so sweet that other party guests promptly put angel wings on her.


The parties are wonderful and tantalizing and all that. But I am in a domestic mood. I just want to sit at home with my nearest and dearest, assembling furniture and eating take-out.

Unfortunately, they are all conveniently unavailable. My brother is finishing four projects at school, Dan is in New York, Sha-mayn flew to Beijing, etc.

I will be grateful when everyone is back.

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