Monday, April 16, 2007

cruel Chinese heterosexuals

A young friend Peng, visiting the US from China, told me about getting hit on by a man who was "男不男, 女不女" (not like a man, but also not like a woman).

We started talking about gay clubs, and I mentioned that sometimes gay men open with the line, "Top or bottom?" It's efficient, to ensure there's a match before they waste time.

Peng told me what he would do the next time a gay man tried to pick him up.

Gay man: [attempting a come-on] Hey there. [looking him up and down]

Peng: Are you top or bottom?

Gay man: [excitedly waving hand] I'm top!! [pointing at Peng] You must be bottom, right?

Peng: [stepping back] Sorry, I'm not gay.


Blind as a Bat said...

That is almost as bad as the time Niniane invited a man up stairs without telling him that there would be no sex..

Mean, Cruel AND Heartless

Anonymous said...

aren't we a bit old to be in the "ewwww yucky gays!!" phase?

I mean, really, children over the age of 14 know that it's rude to engage someone in conversation just so you can make fun of them.

oh, wait, but it's funny because he's gay!! omg gay! like. . he kisses other men! yucky!

aspetos said...

what is mean by "Top or bottom?" ?