Friday, April 06, 2007

April Fool's

I don't usually play pranks for April Fool's, because it's disadvantageous when everyone else's guard is up. But this year, despite my peaceful non-involvement, I was pulled in by Google Blogoscoped.

I came into work on Monday to find an unexpected email thread from Googlers, asking if it was true that I posted to Google Blog announcing GDrive.

Here's the forum where this prank originated.

Google Blogoscoped created a fake blog "googleb1og" (the number 1 instead of the letter l) and wrote a prank post. After it was crawled by blogsearch, they replaced the blog to redirect to a non-existent entry in the real Google Blog, to make it look like Google retracted the entry.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ha, I got tricked by that one. I really thought it was you. It looked so real, what with you 'working on a confidential project' as it says on your homepage...

Too bad. That would have been really neat. So, what are you working on? Is there a Google Drive? :)