Thursday, May 25, 2006


Anna, a Google recruiter, was happy with the Q&A article that I did for her a while back (the writing skills developed from years of obsessive writing are finally benefiting me!). She featured me in a full-page ad for the June issue of Wired.

The original is here, but if you don't want to bother, the premise is: "Look at Niniane. She's not bad. In fact, she's brate. She works at Google. Shouldn't you?"

"brate" is a word that I made up 8 years ago, which means "better than great". You take that phrase and shorten it down into "brate". This can be used anywhere. Imagine a commercial for kitty food: "Katarina Kitty Chow. Because your kitty deserves better than great -- she deserves BRATE." Juliet: "Oh Romeo, my Romeo, be sworn my love and take all of myself, for thou art BRATE." Tony the Tiger: "It's not just great, it's BRAAATE!"

They got the # of patents wrong in the Wired ad though. I don't have 19 pending patents. I have 24.

Unfortunately I do not own a patent for the word "brate".