Monday, May 22, 2006


When jogging with DW last Tuesday, we were discussing places to take parents during their visits to the Bay Area.

DW: I'd like to take my parents to AsiaSF [famous transsexual bar], but not tell them beforehand that the waitresses are all men.

Me: You'd take your PARENTS to AsiaSF????

DW: Yeah, why not?

Me: [indignantly] Well, obviously because ... [pause to think] ... Well, the reason is ........ [long pause] ......... Hey, yeah, why not???

Ergo, this past Saturday:

Yes, that's a man to the right of my mom.

Also a man.


We were standing outside the restaurant for a while, watching people go in and out, and my mom asked, "How can you tell which ones are the women, and which are the men dressed as women?"

Sha-mayn answered, "The ones who aren't good-looking are the real women."

Women adore AsiaSF. The place was packed with birthdays and bachelorette parties. Women love a nice scene where extraordinarily hot women dance on the bar without being sexualized. The male customers aren't (for the most part) objectifying and salivating over the waitresses at AsiaSF.

Plus, even though the waitresses are ten times hotter, the customers can still feel reassured that they have something the waitresses don't.

One of the waitresses looked just like Janet Jackson, and another danced like a rock star, complete with jumping up and landing on one knee, and crawling seductively along the bar. Wow.

The waitress for our table danced to the song, "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" while holding a picture frame under a cloth. At the end, she unveiled it to show ... a picture of George W Bush!

The table next to us shouted, "Nice Bush!"