Thursday, May 04, 2006

convo over shaved ice

Verde. I'm eating a mixed bean taro root shaved ice:

Dan's eating the same thing in strawberry.

Me: Web 2.0 is a bubble! These companies are all about, "Yes, we are ajax-enabled so that users can drag this panel from one side of the browser to the other side." But in 90% of the case, there's no reason to drag the panel! Sometimes you don't even NEED the panel in the first place! Gah!

Dan: [chuckling] It's just like the last time.

We ingested our shaved ices, then Verde closed and kicked us out.

Sitting on wooden bench outside.

Dan: That's why people think falling in love is so great, because they can count on the other person being there every day for the rest of their lives. With anything else, it's like, "Yeah, this tastes great now, but in 30 minutes, I will be done eating."

Me: [laughing]

Dan: [pause] But yeah, it does seem impossible.

Me: Falling in love?

Dan: Yeah.

Me: Yeah.

[silence for many seconds]

Dan: But you know, it's like the feeling when it's winter and you're really cold, and you try to make yourself warmer by imagining that you're lying on a hot beach. But you can't imagine it because wouldn't that be so COLD? I mean, just a swimsuit? No coat? That's so COLD! You imagine the sun and how it's beating down, but COLD!!! [pause] Then one day, you know, it won't be cold anymore.


echo2000 said...

Niniane - Could you post where did you get the shaved ice? It looked delicious!

Niniane said...

Verde in downtown Mountain View.