Sunday, October 09, 2005

Murder mystery weekend

Last night, billionaire Brighton Standish was discovered murdered in his estate. Police officer Columbo quarantined twelve members of the Standish estate for questioning. Whodunnit?

Was the murder committed by the shoe closet maid, Monique, whose modeling dreams were crushed when Standish blackmailed her with a few nude poolside photos?

Standish just fired his personal trainer Tyne last week for designing a faulty exercise program -- was she out for revenge? He forced his cowboy business partner to sell out half of the Beef-Ka-Balls restaurant chain -- did he resent it enough to kill?

His butler is 99 years old but wields a hefty silver tray! His wife was just back from a gala, driven by the large-assed chauffeur. And there's always the pool boy... They all wore smiles when they found that Standish was out of the picture.

After learning about each other and discovering the motives ...

clues were uncovered...

dinner was served...

and love was in the air.

Three teams raced against each other to find the culprit.

After a restful night's sleep, the teams discussed their suspicions over waffles and fruit.

and the guilty party was taken away in handcuffs, restoring peace and justice to the land.

(Compliments to Madison Street Inn.)

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