Saturday, October 01, 2005


Today I got a facial from Destino Spa.

Getting a facial has some similarities to going to the dentist. They examine your face under a bright light. They poke you with sharp metallic objects in a painful process. They ask about your daily treatment, and then talk about the terrible things that will befall you (teeth falling out, wrinkles) if you don't go through a particular maintaineance routine every day (brush and floss, cleanse and moisturize).

With a facial, there's also the lavendar / eucalyptus aromas, the hydrating face masks, and the neck massage.

Destino is voted best spa in the South Bay, with good cause. Julie the facialist added in steps as necessary, and didn't push products on me.

My face is smooth now and porcelain!

Next Saturday I am going back to get my eyelashes curled. It's my first time! Apparently it's like getting a perm, but for your eyelashes.

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