Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Chinese Idol

China held its own "American Idol" recently, but only for women. The winner is a very tomboy-ish girl with a low voice. Her singing skills are so-so, but she is very cool on stage and dances well.

It's odd that in China, a relatively conservative culture, a girl who has a so-so voice and looks like a man would win. The third-place is a beautiful girl with an absolutely phenomenal voice:

Consensus is that 李宇春 won because many teenybopper girls treat her as a boy and have crushes on her, so they voted for her.

I like her stage presence and confidence. I read an interview with her. She has a natural performer ability, and onstage she becomes a different person -- outgoing, basically a rock star personality. This caused her to become an idol in her middle school. When she got to college, she fell behind her peers due to lack of musical training. After a pivotal conversation with a teacher, so she decided "Screw it" and began participating in tons of contests even though she didn't place.

Through interviews, you can tell that she has an attitude of "I'll do what I please". It's the same as J. Lo had about her ass, and Angelina Jolie has about everything. It's very winning. I like it.


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Li Yuchun has a great & very beautiful voice. I prefer Her type too. She remains me a bit to Sigga from Iceland. Her voice and appearance like Sigga's.

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