Friday, January 02, 2015

pillows for my loft

My friend Shane is a serial entrepreneur / CEO and also an amazing interior designer (she designed Peter Thiel's homes).  Also she is funny and gorgeous and basically a perfect human being.  

Anyway, her company Guildery tells you which furnishing patterns go well with other patterns!  So I got this awesome selection of pillows.  Normally I'd be way too afraid of clashing: a triangular pattern next to a lemon-slice pattern?  Two shades of blue?  Next to beige?  I would go into paralysis of fear, and not have pillows.  But now:

This is a photo of the window seat next to my loft windows.  (I moved into this loft two months ago.  It is still in San Francisco, south of market.)

I've been watching a ton of movies and behind-the-scenes commentary.  It started out because I wanted to learn cinematography for my startup Evertoon, which creates movies.  Then I got hooked!  Now my primary hobby is watching movies.

I didn't own a television for many years, because other people would say proudly "I don't own a tv" in a very smug way.  People would say "tv rots your brain" and generally speak poorly of television.  I think there are also studies about how television is bad for you.  So it was only a few years ago that I got a tv (and now a projector & screen, which you can see in the window reflection).  It was life-changing!  It's so amazing to watch brilliant films, and hear the director and actors talk about the work that went into it.

Starting off the new year with beautiful pillows and films!


Anonymous said...

And little pigs (I think). Gaze too long at the triangle pillow and you start hearing the disembodied voice of Wolfram... Happy 2015!

Anonymous said...

You really need to get a rug that ties that room together and pick up competitive bowling as a hobby....

Anonymous said...

I went to Sundance Film Festival this year and had a similar experience, after watching a heart breaking documentary, I sat within a few feet of the producer and director while they answered some of our questions