Thursday, January 15, 2015

frustration for The Imitation Game

Last week, I watched The Imitation Game.  I was really looking forward to it, because 1. it has the actor who plays Sherlock (which is a great show), and 2. it's about Alan Turing, a pioneer of computer science!

I was all charmed during the film, by the screen time given to encryption and Turing machines.

But then I came home and read articles.

I'm so peeved that they made Alan Turing seem like he's on the autism spectrum, when he didn't act that way in real life.  Why!  Are the moviemakers just following the stereotype of "he liked computers, so he must have Aspbergers"?  It's just perpetuating a negative stereotype!

It's so aggravating.  We owe so much to Turing.  At least portray him as he really was.


Anonymous said...

It was a good movie. However you shouldn't get upset over inaccuracies even in supposedly a non fictional movie. Movies are not exact biographies and tend to change the script to make a more interesting storyline. I doubt Zuckerberg was too thrilled with the way he was portrayed in The Social Network either.

Anonymous said...

Well if the majority of us get upset at the inaccuracies of fiction movies (differing from the book), I'm certainly sure we're entitled to be upset at non-fiction movies as well

Jon said...

This page presents the differences. The story of him treasonously hiding a Soviet spy is entirely fictional.