Monday, September 29, 2014

you can stand under my parasol

At a party with brother Tom! Check out the shark in the background.

Drove over this bridge on the way to Napa for a friend's birthday.


In Napa, we were sitting outside eating brunch.

Bond: "It's too hot.  We should go inside."

Topi: "No, it's only because you're sitting in the sun.  Move over here to the shade.   All you need is shade.  Not love, shade."

Me: [lol]

Topi:  "And what is love but shade, from the harshness of the world?"


Anonymous said...

Is this a coded reference to the protests in HK?

Green Persimmon said...

I suspect not. I think she enjoys dressing up, complete with whacky accessories (to include parasols, if I am not completely mistaken). It was probably an indirect statement of affection for her kid brother, who looks like quite the gentleman in the attached photo. A real Dapper Dan man... :o)

Anonymous said...

Small is the person who hides behind a fake name without a face behind a computer who speculates about another person's motivation.

Niniane, good on you for writing and for posting small people's dumb comments!

It shows so much about the gravity and foresight you have.

Niniane said...

The post is not a reference to the umbrella revolution, but I made up the title with it in mind.

Niniane said...

And I do own a parasol.

Niniane said...

And the anonymous user is just trying to stir up trouble, throwing stones from a glass house.

Anonymous said...

What's so dumb about anon's comment? It's just an innocent comment, he/she is not trying to start trouble. Why so sensitive?