Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Of friends and friend geographic density and creamed corn

A delightful surprise has transpired.  It turns out that four friends / former coworkers work within one block of my office!  They work from three separate offices, but are so close that their Google Maps pins are almost touching my marker.

We are all going to afternoon tea next week.  Hobbitses!  

One of them, Yuichi, is teaching me how to be a foodie and appreciate world-class cooking.  Recently he told me about this Japanese cream corn croquette:

But tragedy lies ahead in our story.  In three weeks,Yuichi's company will be moving one mile away.  One mile is very far compared to 500 feet!  


Anonymous said...

Love the hats! The guy on the left looks like a bean bag alligator, the one on the right a stuffed woodchuck. Shades of Alice in Wonderland here... :-)

Anonymous said...

like your cleavage:) thanks for the relief

Anonymous said...

The last thing you need is be a foodie. You need to go on a diet and lose about 60 pounds.

Anonymous said...


check those thighs and ass..milf

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Niniane - please ignore some of these commenters' comments! They are so ridiculous, bordering on the hilarious!

Ps even though I do feel like young San Franciscans are a little bit over obsessed about food...I often and almost always wonder if they are lacking in some other primitive sensual delights, like sex, or sleep, power, family bonds, tradition, or something else!?

Niniane said...

@Anonymous 8/18: Don't worry, I find the comments amusing also. I already know that no matter what the original topic of the blog post, the comments will likely be about racial stereotypes or a debate about my body.

I think young San Franciscans are lacking sleep and community. This blog post was about community!