Saturday, February 01, 2014

New favorite book: Ready Player One

CM recommended a book to me: "Ready Player One".  After I got halfway through, I told him that it may as well be renamed "Book for Niniane".

This is now the best book I've read.

It is about a post-apocalyptic world where people live in stacks of trailers.  All fossil fuels have been exhausted.  People live in poverty, and spend all their time plugged into a virtual world.  They use visors and haptic gloves to interface with this world.

It has everything I would want in a book.  A virtual world with avatars.  Character development and self-actualization along Maslow's hierarchy.  Having admin abilities in a massive game / simulation used by billions of people.  Playing a perfect game of Ms Pac Man.  Educational games that teach math in an entertaining fashion to schoolchildren.  Fighting off an enemy until the fight makes you re-evaluate your goals and take bold risks which sacrifice your own self-interest.

I talked to CM about the book for an hour.  Other friends kept coming by and saying, "What are you guys talking about so intently?  STILL the same book?"


Elliott Back said...

It's a fantastic novel! You might like Snow Crash as well.

pawliger said...

Did you find the easter egg? There was a whole real contest paralleling the one in the book. I won't spoil the ending but you should read about it after you've checked out the contest yourself.

Julian M said...

I read it based on your post, and I was hooked - it's really good - thanks for the suggestion.

Phei Ku said...

Spielberg is bringing this book to the big screen now.