Thursday, October 04, 2012

dodge bugs using Matrix bullet time

Every Thursday at lunchtime, we rotate having a speaker from a department around the company. It's very informal, and people can ask questions. We've had speakers from every department.

Today one of our lead engineers spoke.

Audience member (designer): "When you look at code, does it look like The Matrix? Do you look at 1s and 0s, and you see a Minted web page?"

Her: "Firstly, it's not all in green. We have something called syntax highlighting, which shows the words in different colors. Also, it doesn't scroll by really fast. I have to scroll myself."

I thought it was so funny that she actually answered seriously, and that she phrased it as "having to scroll", as though code scrolling by quickly would be preferable.

These could be bugs whizzing by.

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