Wednesday, September 28, 2011

who wore it best?

Tonight I went to see a play at the ACT Theatre in San Francisco.  I went with my friends CM and Adit.  The play is "Once in a Lifetime", which we bought via a groupon.

There was a scene that took place on board a train.  I liked how the actors swayed in a realistic manner to simulate train movement for the entire scene.

Then I realized that I am wearing the same cardigan.  Here's a photo from this morning, which I took to show my friend Elaine (she had suggested that I buy the cardigan when we went shopping).

The play was interesting.  It was a portrayal of Hollywood in the 30s when talking movies first came out.  Movie moguls threw fistfuls of cash at new actors, voice coaches, scripts, trying to capture the gold rush.  It was very reminiscent of Valley gold rushes, like mobile or social or video or ads optimization.


kev said...

I think you wear it better. :)

Yishan said...

I recently learned a term to capture the trendy gold rush stuff, "SoLoMo" to refer to social/local/mobile startups.