Saturday, November 06, 2010

mental distress over moving

Tomorrow I'm moving a few items of furniture from my Mountain View townhouse to my new San Francisco apartment.

I'm totally distressed over it!

All day I've been stressed to no end. I'm hiring professional movers who will do all the furniture disassembly and packing into a truck, and yet I am still in great stress.

Faram said it's obviously due to moving out of a place where I've lived for six years. As soon as he said that, I protested, "I'm not totally moving out!" Just the words are causing me stress.

I set down roots in this house! Now I'm pulling them out. It's really unnerving.

But the view in the new apartment is good. Here's another angle that shows more of the Bay view and less of the Financial District cityview.

If you know me, you should come by to visit the apartment! Maybe that will help it feel more like home.


Jeremy said...

Cripes. You're moving something like 45 miles right? What about those of us who moved 2500 miles?

You should welcome the change since new challenges are what keeps us fresh.

Anonymous said...

Time to make good NEW memories.

Eric said...

For me (one who has moved approximately every 10 months for the past 10 years), the distress of moving comes from not taking my friends from the old place to the new. 45 miles can be a long way if your friends aren't all moving with you =/

teratoma from texahoma said...

Baking cinnamon rolls, apple pie or spice bread might make your new apartment smell like a home. Play some of your favorite music and practice using a hula hoop in the living room. You'll feel better in no time. :)

Philipp Lenssen said...

The captcha for commenting here reads "frotou" and let's all agree this'll be the new word meaning "distress over moving".

Anonymous said...

You need to settle down and start a family. Good sensible advice.

Yishan said...

I will come visit sometime!