Thursday, July 08, 2010

Spoiler alert for Sixth Sense, Star Wars, 300

Today LG and Jon drove down from SF to work out of Sunfire for the day.  During lunch at a kosher restaurant:

LG: "I have a T-shirt that spoils a whole bunch of movies.  Like, it says 'Darth is Luke's father.'"

Me: "That shirt is horrible.  I read several lines on it before realizing they were spoilers."

LG: "Haha yeah!  Or 'Bruce Willis is a ghost'."

Me: "That's so bad.  Sixth Sense is such an amazing movie when you get the twist."

LG: "Or '299 die.'"

Me: "Wait, what's that?  I don't know that one.  [horrified realization] Oh my God!!  LG!  Why did you do that?  Argh!"

LG: [laughing sheepishly] "You haven't watched it yet?  I'm sorry!  I didn't know!"

Me: "I can't believe that shirt ruined another movie when you're not even wearing it."


Anonymous said...

Why the fuck are you eating at a kosher restaurant? You're not jewish, are you?

Niniane said...

I am not Jewish. That was not a prerequisite for eating at the kosher restaurant.

writer said...

Oh, were you guys eating at "The Kitchen?"

Also, it's not a spoiler if you know your history!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous : it is bcoz of ppl like u , blog owners are changing their security settings, so that only invited readers can have access to it.

@niniane : nicely handled.