Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Flood of tweets (fleets?)

Eating burritos with LG (now working at Twitter), Jon, and EDX.

Me: "LG, have you been watching the World Cup?"

LG: "Yes, in fact I watch the games very intensely, because the instant a goal is scored, we switch the Twitter GSLBs to point to a colo with better write performance.  Usually traffic is optimized for reads instead of writes."

Me: "Awesome."


Anonymous said...

colo = ?

Anonymous said...

GSLBs = Global Server Load Balancing

Colo - Colocation centre -

Geeky but funny post.

Yishan said...

It's a good thing soccer is such a low-scoring game.

Niniane said...

If it were high-scoring, people wouldn't tweet as much for each goal. (Nobody tweets for every basket during an important basketball game.) It may actually be a lesser problem if it were high-scoring.

Anonymous said...

cool. street fighting mathematics.