Tuesday, June 22, 2010

photos from Europe wedding trip

Here are some photos from traveling in the countries near Monaco right before the wedding. My friend Megan went on the trip with me. She has been my personal trainer for three years, and we are also friends.

Megan posing with her French hat.

Me in a newly purchased French hat!

The dress, shoes, and purse in this photo are also purchased in France. I usually dislike shopping, but Megan forcefully taught me to appreciate it on this trip.

She described ten rules of shopping: always show your friend what you tried on, go into many stores (not just a few), be super-nice to the sales clerk, and some others I forget. When I told this to my brother, he said, "You only remember three of the ten? That's only 30% retention rate!"

Megan mid-shopping.

Megan right before going for a run.

A cool art display in our hotel lobby.

A church. I always find it calming to sit inside a church during a busy day. You are assured of a quiet, respectful environment. No one will pester you, or try to sell you tourist junk, or get into a loud argument next to you.

The architecture itself is majestic and inspiring. I wonder how much of people's religious faith is influenced by how good it feels to go inside a church.

Vernazza, a little coastal town in Italy.

A multi-tier display of coconut, sold at a street vendor.


Anonymous said...

#4 always carry the bag with the name of the store facing out.
#5 Wear proper undergarments and shoes for a good view of your outfit.
#6 Don't shop when you are hungry or tired 'cause you will make bad decisions.
#7 if you cannot decide on something, ask to use the restroom of the store. If the restroom is clean then make the purchase.
#8 always check for spycams in the dressing rooms, you don't want to end up on some porn site.
#9 Buy classic styles and colors.
#10 Shop early so everything is folded nicely and the clerks are fresh and not grouchy.

Anonymous said...

Megan is hot!!!

Niniane said...

What's the reasoning behind #7 (clean bathroom)?

Someone said...

Two very pretty ladies indeed!

If you don't mind, Niniane, given that this is an anonymous comment, telling us readers who Megan is and what her relation to you is.

Niniane said...

Okay, I expanded the first paragraph to answer this. Megan is my friend and personal trainer.

Anonymous said...

Can you post more pictures of Megan?

Adam Sadovsky said...

Stumbled upon your blog (via TC post about Sunfire), and just thought I should mention that that's Manarola, not Vernazza -- I was there a few weeks ago :)