Sunday, June 20, 2010

funny things my dad says

Happy Father's Day to my dad!

I think these are more entertaining in Mandarin, so the Chinese speakers will appreciate it more.

"有人一生象 sin(x),从零开始,到一。 还有人象 cos(x),从一开始,到零。 反正从零到 2 * pi 积分,最后都是零。“
("Some people's lives are like sin(x): starts from zero and then increases to one. Others are like cos(x): starts at one and then goes to zero. Regardless, when you integrate from zero to two pi, it all ends up being zero in the end.")

"十件事里,有七八件顺利就满足了。 如果好处全让你们家得着了,那别人还活不活了?"
("Out of ten things, be content if seven or eight of them go well. If all the advantages in life accrue to your family, are other people going to keep on living?")

"我昨天跟你妈说:你这次去法国参加婚礼,幸亏你没养猪。 你说:把猪搁哪儿? 你说说看猪能搁哪儿。"
("Yesterday I was telling your mom: this time you went to Europe for a wedding, thank God you never got a pet pig. Tell me: where would you put the pig? Let's hear where you could put the pig while you're gone.")



Wes Bigelow said...

I'm stealing the sine and cosine one.

John said...

Wow, I didn't know Confucius knew calculus :)

OMG, that pig comment was so funny.

Niniane said...

:) Did you find the English or Chinese version of the pig comment to be funny?

Dog of Justice said...

I'm also stealing the sine/cosine one, that one's awesome.

John said...

@Niniane - My Chinese reading & writing is almost non-existent. Though I was thinking that 国 (Chinese Simplified) should really be 國 (Chinese Traditional). So the English version was the version I found funny.

My spoken Mandarin is enough to get by in China and Taiwan. I can say 你很可愛 to all the cute girls - LOL. (God I love Google Translate!)

wanda said...

Did he say "go to France" for the wedding? Also, I'm sure you could find a pigsitter on Craiglist.

Anonymous said...

Your dad is the classic older Chinese man with a ton of humor. I love them. My dad is one too. They are so sarcastic. And they talk as if any day war could break out so you might as well be content with whatever you've got.