Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Last month, after a bout of troubles with git (source control system), I wrote this tweet:

git is like a bad boyfriend: problems committing, demands to go over your history constantly, wants to be called "master"

The funniest response was from my friend Ted:

typical. git blame the man.

At a group dinner later in the week, we discussed how useful it would be if you could issue git commands in real life.

If someone makes comments that get on your nerves, just git-ignore them.

More useful is a checkpoint system. Any time that you detect a potential problem coming up in the conversation, you can shout out "checkpoint". Later, you can run a rollback command to restore to the saved state. Here's how it would work:

Girl: "We need to talk."

Guy: "Checkpoint."

Girl: "This isn't working between us. I want to break up."

Guy: "Rollback."

Girl: "This isn't working betw -- "

Guy: "Rollback."

Girl: "Where do you want to go for dinner?"

I think this will be very useful as long as you remember to checkpoint at appropriate moments.


David said...

Program title: Asking Niniane On A Date

IF timing=good AND mood=happy THEN niniane.falls.in.love.with.david
IF timing=bad AND mood=moody niniane.calls.police.and.takes.out.gun

Conclusion: Risk/reward ratio impossible to determine at this point.

Anonymous said...

Git lets you be a *itch and a pesky one at that (with git branch --track):
1. git stash
2. git pop boyfriend1
...make out..
3. git stash
4. git pop boyfriend2
...make out...
and so on...

ps: This is without reference to you, of course. :)
pps: I would be considered ill if I spoke about git commands with my friends! :)

Anonymous said...

git whatchanged -p our_relationship

writer said...

I had a therapist awhile back who used to work in computer science, so I was able to use source control metaphors when talking to her about communication. It was good.

tourist.tam said...

God that made me laugh. XD

Actually you could compare that to a quick save/quick load function. Now you just have to get a set of mental short key to call the right call at the right time (F5/F9). Hopefully there won't be any auto save feature to screw up with the timing.


Anonymous said...

Program title: David is an asiaphile

mahlen said...

tourist.tam, same thought here. If first person shooters taught me anything, then right after you get a bunch of ammo and health and weapons, hit quick save. I guess the life equivalent would be:

Got promotion OR Had great trip to fun place OR just got buffed out -> hit save!

bert said...

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