Sunday, September 13, 2009

cute love story

Susan forwarded me this Salon story, which is cute.

Gerd: This is also something that keeps us together, you know, the jokes and laughing all the time. I really have problems to take life seriously. Believe it or not, I'm happy when it's raining. Because if I'm not happy, it's still raining. My whole life is like that, you know? I lost a leg to diabetes, and I'm happy. I never get cold feet anymore. I only need one shoe when I go shopping.

Dina: The last three years was hard time for me. When Gerd had lost ... and then the other leg started ... Then he had bypass, then kidney. He had a lot of problem and I'm only by myself with everything. Was not always easy.

Gerd: This is also big, big, big thing in our marriage, that she takes care of my handicap, without any question whatever. It is just there, every day and every day and every day. If I try to go to the refrigerator with my crutches to pick up a Coke, she's right behind me, "Sit down! I do that. I have two legs, you only have one, I do that!" And this is much more worth than say every five minutes, "I love you," which is mostly just said to say something.

And it's also 100 percent sign that she loves me because I might meet 250 people and I tell them all the same joke and she's still laughing. She doesn't have to yell at me, "I love you. I'll kick your ass, you don't believe it!"

Dina: So we are both a little older and smarter. Much, much happier than before. This was a very different life, and a much, much better life.

Gerd: We thank her ex-husband every day. Actually, every year on the divorce date, we send him a thank-you note.


David said...

"to pick up a Coke"

Oh my, quit soft drinks if you've got diabetes man! I know this isn't the point of the story, but still....

Joanna said...

LOL--the divorce thank you note to the ex husband.

So funny!

snowball said...

+1 to what David said... if your husband is dying of diabetes and you're helping him get his next can of coke, there is such a thing as being too supportive.

writer said...

Something about the spirit of that reminds me of my life, except that I have both of my legs. Haha!

Niniane said...

> except that I have both of my legs. Haha!

You're laughing at the guy's disability? Way to start on your quest to be all-douchebag! ;) j/k

kamagra said...

I'm so touch with your story. Despite your situation you had your wife with you for better or for worst.