Wednesday, March 25, 2009

cocktails and candor club

I am in Berlin for another day with Neha, Omar, and Malcolm.

My first real conversation with Malcolm was in a Google micro-kitchen. He told me about "Candor Club", an organization he formed. The members would identify each other by wearing pins. In Candor Club, you need to reply to questions honestly, i.e. avoid telling white lies.

I joined Candor Club. I am a fan.

Last night we went to Red Door, a bar down the street.

We realized that none of us wanted to buy drinks, so after sitting for a few minutes, we got up and left.

The waiter / bartender asked us why we were leaving. Omar and I can't speak much German, so we waited by the door.

Neha: "Wir sind ... [looking at us] how do you say 'crazy' or 'nutty'?"

Malcolm: [earnestly] "Die Cocktails sind zu teuer." (The cocktails are too expensive.)

Neha: [joining us at the door, and then walking outside with me and Omar] "Ahh! Why did Malcolm tell him?"

Me: "Well, he asked."

Neha: [with consternation] "The waiter is not in Candor Club! Now we can never go back!"

Me: [doubled over from laughing]


Tim said...

Candor club - I like that.

Uwe said...

Very nice idea this club, I might join in the near future.

writer said...

This needs to be a broader industry-wide club.

ArC said...

What does a Candor Club pin look like?

René said...

You should also give a translation of the German parts for non-German speakers ;) Don't think that many people understand that much German

ArC said...

René, maybe this post is a viral ad for Google Translate. =)