Thursday, November 06, 2008

fobby lol

A reader pointed me to the sites and These are so funny!

no need for expensive birthday wishes:

Me: Happy birthday Dad!
Dad: Thank you.
Me: What did —
Dad: T-Mobile have no more minutes, call me tonight when it’s free. [hangs up]

Self-celebratory text message:

Dad: happy birth to me!
Me: sorry, dad…i knew it was your birthday, but i didn’t have a chance to call you before class
Dad: oh ok i just want you to share glorious happy birth!

weight gain:

Dad: People get old, get fat; gray hair, move slow….that’s life; young ones/next generation take over.
Philip: ya
Philip: but you got fat really fast
Dad: ok, I’ll try to lose weight; it’s not easy; I get hungry.


Torley said...

Very cute. Some of these remind me of my late Dad. Thanks for sharing, Niniane. :)

Teresa said...

Thanks for posting about :D


ArC said...

I like the one about weight gain. I totally sympathize with the dad, too.

Greg said...

I'm a fob too. sigh..