Wednesday, November 26, 2008

chair proof

My brother is moving into my townhouse. We're going to be housemates for the next three months, potentially longer.

Yesterday we loaded up his Accord with small furniture pieces. Around 8pm, we began stuffing his computer chair into the front passenger seat.

Me: [after a couple minutes of pushing] "We got three of the wheels in. By induction, we should be able to get all five."

Tom: "Induction is awesome."

Both of us: [shoving against the chair]

Tom: "Though I'd say we're using the brute force method more."


Anonymous said...

Bad idea for both of you.
I guess you don't intent on getting a boyfriend anytime soon.

Bob said...

You should have just tied it to the roof. Much less work.

ArC said...

I need closure on this anecdote!

Specifically, did you load the chair into the car successfully?

Anonymous said...

I hope this means more stories involving Tom - which always are fun to read!

Niniane said...

Re: ArC. We did fit the chair into the car.

John K. Lin said...

I guess we'll be potentially be seeing more postings and photos of you and Tom at uWink as well as elsewhere?

Niniane said...

Yes, there will probably be more Tom stories after this.

There were a few snarky comments (which I deleted) about how it's such a terrible idea for Tom and I to live in the same house.

Time will tell. In the meantime, I'm really enjoying having a fun housemate, and Tom is enjoying saving money by not having to pay rent.