Sunday, April 27, 2008

vera-ly it is

While running errands with Tom, I bought a bottle of aloe vera for Tristan's sunburned ankles. Later the three of us ate dinner at Amarin. Midway through, I remembered that I left the aloe in my car.

Me: "I need to give the aloe vera to Tristan after dinner. Everyone remember this. Associate it with getting up from our chairs, please. As we rise to leave, remember the aloe. Remember the aloe."

Tom: "Is that like, 'Remember the Alamo'?"


John K. Lin said...

Bad pun... but did the mnemonic work? or did you leave the aloe vera in the car?

randell said...

Creepy. Just this afternoon I read the name of a Tokyo Tokyo branch manager whose surname is "Alamo".

Anonymous said...

Obsess much?