Friday, March 18, 2005


A lot of conversations tonight. I'm still at work and it's 1:30am! But it's not due to working late. It's due to staying and chatting with people.


Best moment of the night.

Tao: I had this coworker at Infineon who was so good at meeting women. He was an Indian guy, kind of short. He could meet someone and strike up a conversation in 2 minutes. We would go to Subway, and I'd be standing in line and turn around, and he'd be talking to some lady at a table and exchanging cell phone numbers.

Sam: What's that guy up to now?

Tao: Oh, he's still working at Infineon.


On phone with Tom.

Tom: This is like you saying to me, 'Tom, I wish I'd known about these steamed buns 2 years ago! I would've eaten so many!' and me saying, 'Niniane, maybe you would've eaten so many that you would get sick of them by now.' and then you would say, 'No! I would've eaten one every day, and I would've eaten 365 more steamed buns!!'

me: [laughing]

Tom: It's like Picard. "I wish I didn't have a fake heart. I'm going to change it. Oh crap, I'm no longer a captain. I better get shot in the heart with a phaser."

me: [still laughing] He was stabbed through the heart with a spear! It wasn't a phaser!

Tom: No, at first he was shot with a phaser, but at the end he was stabbed with the spear.


Tom: So I don't understand why she gets so stressed out.

me: When people care too much about something, then they stress out and they procrastinate! You never get that worked up about things. Well, very few things. Like, if you didn't leave enough time for studying for your final, you would just calmly decide, 'Ok, I need 8 hours and I only have 6. I'll just study the 6/8 most important things.' You wouldn't kick yourself for it, and you wouldn't feel bad. You'd just do it and move on. But people that really care about everything, they feel bad and regret, and it feels so awful that next time, they purposefully procrastinate.

Tom: Yeah, I guess I just don't get that worked up about anything.


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