Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Phone call with my little brother

me: "So I hear that Mom is advising you every day to dump your girlfriend."

Tom: "Yeah."

me: "Aha, now you are in the situation I was in! Well, still in. Dad is against my relationship, and Mom is against yours."

Tom: "Yeah, maybe we should swap."

me: (incredulously) "You want Dad to be against your relationship?"

Tom: "No, you date Eileen, and I'll date Simon. Then our parents will say, "Aiya! Swap back! It was better before!'"

me: [laughing]

Tom: "But Eileen might say, 'I don't want to swap! I like this way better.'"

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InWantOfBeingMe said...

LoL. I so love those little convos you and your brother have.

This one is one of those totally hilarious ones :)