Thursday, January 04, 2018

Bay Area dilemma

I am frustrated by the Bay Area. The housing market is pricing out non-tech workers. Many people in tech lack empathy for these displaced residents. California state tax is so high and yet the city has rampant homelessness and crime, and poor public transit. Many of the influential figures in this area are actually sociopaths.

But I really love the actual day-to-day work in my field, and the Bay Area is the epicenter of the most interesting work.

I don’t have any solution. It just bothers me off and on continually. 


Anonymous said...

"the Bay Area is the epicenter of the most interesting work."

LOL! People in the Bay Area are in their own reality bubble.... And this quote reinforces that in spades.

Anonymous said...

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."

Get involved politically locally to advocate for housing. And vote!

Ged Carroll said...

Niniane, I think part of the problem has been a progressive change in the technology sector. Would Bob Noyce, William Hewlett or David Packard recognise the sociopathic frat boy culture of today? Yes they came up in less enlightened times but we now have less englighted people who are more 'Wolf of Wall Street' rather than 'Where Wizards Stay Up Late'.

Ed Falk said...

Yeah, I'm about ready to pack it in and move to Seattle, although things are getting bad there too. My heart breaks for all the lower-income folks in the area, who basically have to commute into the area if they want an affordable place to live.